Faces Not Forgotten – Quilts

Every Faces Not Forgotten quilt holds eight children’s portraits. Why eight? Because eight children die in the United States every day due to gun violence. That’s nearly 3,000 every year. Each child is an important life lost. Each child has a face that will not be forgotten.

Each quilt memorializes children from the same state. Today, our quilts cover 19 states and have been exhibited nationwide. 

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FNF CA Quilt 1

FNF CA Quilt 2

FNF DC Quilt 1

FNF FL Quilt 1

FNF GA Quilt 1

FNF Chicago Quilt 1

FNF Chicago Quilt 2

FNF Chicago Quilt 3

FNF Chicago Quilt 4

FNF Chicago Quilt 5

FNF Chicago Quilt 6

FNF Chicago Quilt 7

FNF IN Quilt 1

STL Quilt 2

STL Quilt 2

STL Quilt 3

STL Quilt 4

STL Quilt 5

STL Quilt 6

FNF NJ Quilt 1

FNF NY Quilt 1

FNF PA Quilt 1

FNF TN Quilt 1

FNF TN Quilt 2

FNF TX Quilt 1